Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Good Things about Being a Mother

I just read I am a Mother by Jane Clayson Johnson. (I gave the book to my mother-in-law for Mother's Day but managed to borrow it right away...) It was a good book. The thing that it made me think about was all of the things that are better about me and my life because I have children. I think sometimes I tend to focus on all the reasons why having children makes my life harder. So I am going to make a list of the positive benefits of being a mother:

  • I am much more empathetic, kind and patient than before I had children (and of course I am still working on these things)
  • I am much less self-absorbed (I realize that before I had children I was not particularly aware of other people's problems)
  • I understand sacrifice better
  • I have more love and understanding for my own mother (and a better relationship with her)
  • I can relate to children in general better which had proved quite helpful in callings in the Primary
  • I can buy cute toys, DVDs, clothes, etc
  • I have an excuse not to sit through long boring meetings (sometimes I get frustrated that I can't sit through sacrament meeting, but then when I don't have my kids with me for some reason, I get bored!)
  • I am stronger emotionally, physically and spiritually. I realize that I am capable of doing a lot more than I thought I could (i.e. give birth, deal with stressful situations, etc)
  • I know that if I can deal with what I have dealt with, I can deal with just about anything
What are the positive things about being a mother for you?


Seriously... said...

Carrie, it's Kendra here...those are great thoughts on the pluses of being a mom! Question for you...what is Laura's married name? I think I saw her picture on another blog I occasionally read, but wasn't sure if it was her as I couldn't remember her married name...anyway, please tell her hello if you see her, and send me her blog address if she has one! thanks!

lynne said...

+ i definitely eat more cookies now, which is both good and bad.
+ one time i was complaining to my dad about how hard it is to wander the halls with a baby -- and he told me to enjoy it, as it is just one of those rare moments in time where you can. a good reminder.
+ there is nothing better than the way they [children] smell when you dry them from a bath.
+ laughing at the things they say is great marriage bonding.

Katharine said...

* I love they way my daughter smiles everytime my husband and I kiss or hug in front of her.
* I always have a buddy around who keeps me laughing and feeling young...how great is that!
* My husband sure appreciates me more!
* I feel much closer to the Lord. We are raising his little spirits and i can use all the guidence and insipiration he can bless me with!

Lauren said...

Love her book - she came and spoke to us when we lived in Boston and it was such a boost. The thing you forget when you have children is how much you wanted a family before you had them - i am soo grateful that I am happily married with kids.

Plus, every know and then you have a 100% blissful day that makes all the work days worth it!!

Jen said...

I love the insightfulness of your blog.

A couple of weeks ago Travis and I had a weekend without the kids. It was seriously a lot of fun and reminded us of our days before kids. At the same time, we both felt like it would be so boring not to have kids. I tried to remember what I did before I had kids, it was a lot of hanging out, eating out and shopping. Those things are fun, but they just aren't as fun as raising children, and it certainly isn't fulfilling. Children are part of the natural progression of life. They bring me such joy and fulfillment. Shopping vs. truly influencing a child and hoping to rear them to contribute positively to society is an amazing responsibility and honor. That is why I LOVE my kids

Hydro said...

Yes, I'm done with Facebook, just in case you don't read my follow-up comment (how does one properly respond to a comment?) My favorite part of deleting my account was that one of the choices for reason's why was "Facebook is causing me social drama," which it certainly was.